Industrial Cleaning & High Pressure Jetting Services

Robert Hopkins Environmental is a leading waste management service that provides bespoke hazardous and non-hazardous waste solutions to businesses across all industries. Our family-run and owned business is committed to offering the best possible services and standards to our business clients, with a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

What are the benefits of industrial cleaning & high-pressure jetting services?

Industrial cleaning services help create a healthier and safer environment, boost productivity and minimise environmental impacts. The right industrial cleaning service also helps businesses to maintain a strong health and safety culture, minimises accidents, errors and downtime, and supports employee health and wellbeing.

When employees work in a safe and clean environment they perform better and are more productive, with a better sense of morale. At the same time, the business can support positive environmental impacts, by choosing industrial chemical cleaning services such as high pressure water jetting, tailored exactly to operational needs.

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What the law says about workplace cleaning

Health and Safety legislation clearly defines the need for businesses to operate workplaces that are clean, clear, safe, and following health and safety guidelines that lay out detailed expectations and procedures for different working environments, risks, exposures and treatments. These guidelines include cleaning expectations for indoor premises, staff areas, rest and recreation facilities, food areas, and outdoor areas.

We understand that for many businesses, it simply isn’t practical – or desirable – to deliver these comprehensive business cleaning services in-house. For one thing, the law is always updating to take new requirements into account, and the investment needed to train employees, buy the latest tools and constantly upskill to meet the highest standards is too much for most businesses to meet.

Robert Hopkins offers a better solution in the form of managed and outsourced industrial cleaning and high-pressure jet washing services. The right industrial cleaning service will ensure that your business is always compliant and that your employees are always supported to be as healthy, happy and effective as possible in their work.


What does Robert Hopkins offer?

Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals offer customised business cleaning, including sustainable industrial cleaning services UK-wide and high-pressure jetting services. Our industrial cleaning service is designed entirely around your business needs and can be commissioned as a standalone service to support your facilities management approach, or as part of a wider package of integrated business cleaning and waste management services.


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