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Environmental legislation governs the way that businesses treat hazardous waste, recognising that these substances or properties can damage the environment and/or human health. This type of waste is governed by the Environment Agency which regularly updates its list of hazardous waste definitions, along with laws that define how each type is managed and handled.

By choosing Robert Hopkins Environmental, you’ll be working alongside our team of specialist providers with the goal of providing the highest standard of professional waste management consultancy services for your business whilst following environmental legislation.



How the law informs hazardous waste management

The law obliges businesses across a wide range of industries to properly manage waste in a way that is compliant with complex regulations and which protects the environment from abuse and damage. Failure to meet these laws can result in expensive penalties or even jail time for directors.

Following the legislation within your business can be confusing especially with regular changes made, however at Robert Hopkins we’ll make you aware of any changes occurring as well as advising you on the best solution to meet your requirements.

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The Robert Hopkins waste audit and consultancy service

As a leading waste management consultancy, Robert Hopkins offers waste audit and consultancy services as part of its integrated waste management solutions. We work with your business leads to identify all relevant types of waste that are present within your business model and operation, and produce precise, tailored guidelines that define how it must be managed to meet all laws, regulations and good practice guidelines.

We support this audit with expert consultancy that gives your decision-makers detailed recommendations and approaches for managing your business waste to the highest possible standards. This ensures that you meet all regulatory requirements, but we also go above and beyond so that you can support the environment and maintain a strong, positive reputation within your customer groups.

The benefits of Robert Hopkins’ hazardous waste audit and consultancy services

Our environmental waste consultants deliver a holistic package of waste audit and management services, targeted to your exact business needs. By investing in this vital area your business can:

1. Remain completely compliant with all relevant waste management laws and regulations, even when they change.

2. Develop a truly sustainable business that seeks to go above and beyond regulations, to instil best practices for environmentalism.

3. Build a powerful, impressive reputation within your customer and stakeholder markets for sustainability and real values.

4. Save money, by reducing waste and eliminating accidents and errors.

5. Better improve management outcomes by using experts in the field, and an outsourced service that covers every aspect of your tailored audit, consultancy, recommendations and resulting services.

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