What Goes Into A Hazardous Waste Disposal Quote?


There are various factors that can determine the average cost of hazardous waste disposal. Understanding these various cost-affecting factors can help you determine what quote price to expect and make a more informed decision when choosing a waste management provider.

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Some factors that hazardous waste management service providers consider when determining quote prices include:

1. Transport

A hazardous waste management provider first considers how much distance they need to cover to pick up the waste. It may be that the team must travel from a neighbouring city or district which can cause an increase in transport prices as they will need to cover travel expenses. Jobs that require more travel also requires a higher time commitment than others.

Additionally, the type of transport also impacts the hazardous waste disposal cost. For instance, if you require a large volume of waste to be removed, you’re more likely to require a larger vehicle compared to what a standard sized truck or van can offer. Make sure to factor in the accessibility of the location too. The provider may need to use a certain type of vehicle to guarantee safe and manoeuvrable entry onto the site. All transportation of hazardous waste requires specialist documentation for which there is a fee.

2. Type of waste

There are different categories of hazardous waste, and some require more specialist handling than others. The different categories of hazardous waste include those with high ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, and toxicity. Those with high toxicity and ignitability are likely to cost more than corrosive waste as they require more specialist handling to dispose of them safely and without personal injury.

Also, if the waste needs to be transferred through another site, then this could impact prices too.

3. Volume of Waste

The amount of waste you have will also impact hazardous waste disposal costs. Specifically, the more waste you have the higher the costs will be. It’s important that you provide the disposal team with a good estimate of how much waste you have as this also helps them determine what size vehicle they bring and ensure the waste transportation documentation is correct.

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